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Education Courses for Eyelash Extensions & Microblading

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Welcome to Lash Up Pro, we’re thrilled to have been chosen as your lash + brow educators!

Our educators are some of the best in the industry, holding multiple certificates in lashes, brows and various other services. As the industry continues to grow so does the knowledge of each of our educators, once a Lash Up student always a Lash Up student. As new content, methods and products become available we’ll always ensure our students are aware of anything new that comes available in the lash industry. We’re proud to invest in our educators often sending them across the world to learn from other lash and brow professionals. Doing this ensures our students are receiving the best and most up to date training. We’re ready to share our knowledge with you!

Whether you’re choosing to learn online, or coming to visit us at our academy, we’ve developed comprehensive programs that will elevate your skills and leave you feeling confident as you start your new career. Upon enrolling in any Lash Up Pro program you’ll immediately be matched with a Lash Up Pro educator whose available to assist you, as needed, lets face it your part of our family now! Your kit! Boy oh boy is your kit amazing! It will be shipped to you within 24 hours of your enrolment, get ready for an unboxing!

Whether you’re new to aesthetics, an experienced lash technician, or brow technician, our eyelash courses and microblading courses will take your expertise to the next level!