Lip Blush Course

Lip blushing is taking the industry by storm! Let us teach you all the in's and outs of this diverse service!


No Kit - $325.43 Kit - $434.15

About the course

Benefits of Lip Blush

  • Lasts up to 1 year (results will last longer however yearly touch ups are recommended for best results)
  • Provides lip definition and enhancement (non-invasive) without injections/fillers.
  • Restores the appearance of natural color to lips or correct undesirable lip color.
  • Corrects blurred lip lines and say goodbye to “bleeding” lipsticks.

Whats Included?

Your tuition includes the following amazing incentives:

  • Full Lip Blush Kit including machine (Includes artificial skin to practice on)
  • 3 month access
  • Life time support
  • Video Modules
  • Consent and waiver forms
  • Certification
  • Life time support

Topics Covered

  1. Lip blushing procedure
  2. Open & Closed numbing
  3. Lip mapping
  4. Pigment theory
  5. Touch Up’s
  6. Marketing
  7. After care & more!

How it works?

We’ve developed the most amazing online course for you! Enjoy the luxury of completing your certification on your terms, on your time! With 3 month unlimited access to our online portals you complete this course at your pace! Some students complete  as early as 2 weeks while others choose to take the full 3 months, its your choice! Our online course consists of a variety of  videos modules showing everything you’ll need to know regarding preforming a lip blush service, after care and so much more. After completing this course you’ll leave a lip blush queen!

We’re excited for you to take part in our Online Lip Blush Course. You’ll learn the theory, techniques, tips and tricks in order to become an experienced technician! You’ll receive our full kit with everything you’ll need to get started.


Start the Lash Up Pro certification process by sending in a series of photos and completing an online test. If you’ve achieved the standard of excellence we believe in, your certificate will be uploaded to your student portal as well as emailed to you! Unfortunately if we do not feel you’ve met our requirements, one on one coaching will be supplied, as well as feedback on what and where you need to improve on! Remember you’re joining the Lash Up family, we’re hear to ensure you succeed.

How to get started?

Simply click enrol below, your course will be added to your cart, now simply check out! Once you’ve completed checkout you’ll receive a separate email with your username and password, followed by a link to sign in! Within 24 hours of your purchase your kit and manual will be shipped out, once you receive these products you’re all ready to go!

Course Kit

What’s Included In The Kit

  • Lip Practice Skin x2
  • Facial Razors x5
  • Mapping String x1
  • Wax Pencil x1
  • Closed Skin Numbing x1
  • Open Skin Numbing x1
  • Seran Wrap x1
  • Permanent Makeup Machine x1
  • Cartridges x16 (1P & 3P) (8 of each)
  • Pigment rings (handful)
  • 13 Milk Pigment’s
  • Gauze x1
  • Applicator Wands x3
  • Blue Sleeves x1

Payment Plans