Dermaplaning + Jelly Mask Course

Interested in expanding your service menu? Let us teach you everything dermaplaning + jelly masks, an amazing add on service for any beauty professional!


No Kit - $180.47 Kit - $289.19

About the Course

Learn everything dermaplaning + jelly masks, an amazing add on service for any beauty professional. Diversify your service menu and let us teach you everything this service has to offer!

Online Certification Course

  • Online video modules covering all aspects of the dermaplaning + jelly mask service, including jelly mask application, skin conditions, dermaplaning procedure, aftercare and more!
  • Access to our online portals, from there you’ll automatically be matched to a Lash Up Pro educator, your kit is sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • Our online program allows you to work at your own pace! The luxury of this program is you can complete your training and earn your certification as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.
  • Teaching you everything online allows you to have a front row seat to all procedure demonstrations, to pause, rewind and fast forward. You can watch a certain aspect of your training over and over until you understand! Remember our educators are here with you every step of the way. Don’t worry we’ve designed an easy to follow, in depth dermaplaning + jelly mask course that teaches you everything you could possibly need to know, we even show you the needed pressure when holding your dermaplaning hand tool, get ready to be blown away!

Course Prerequisites/ Requirments

  • There are no prerequisites required to enrol in this course, we’ll teach you everything you require.


Start the Lash Up Pro certification process by sending in a series of photos and completing an online test. If you’ve achieved the standard of excellence we believe in, your certificate will be uploaded to your student portal as well as emailed to you! Unfortunately if we do not feel you’ve met our requirements, one on one coaching will be provided, we’re all about quality. Remember you’re joining the Lash Up family, we’re hear to ensure you succeed.

How to get started?

Simply click enrol below, your course will be added to your cart, now simply check out, creating a username and password is you’re not already a member! Within 24 hours of your purchase your kit will be shipped out, once you receive these products you’re all ready to go!

Dermaplaning + Jelly Mask Kit

  • 3 variations of jelly masks (rose, aloe, kiwi)
  • Facial Oil x1
  • Alcohol pads x1
  • Facial sponges pink ones x 1
  • Gauze x1
  • Dermaplaning Blades (scalpel) x 1 box
  • Dermaplaning Hand Tool x 2
  • Mixing Bowl x2
  • Spatula #1 x1
  • Spatula #2 x1
  • Disposable Facial Razors x 5

Payment Plans

Course Itinerary

Topics covered in your course:

  • Dermaplaning tool assembly
  • Dermaplaning procedure
  • Jelly mask application
  • Skin conditions/ candidates for service
  • Aftercare

Your tuition includes the following amazing incentives:

  • Full dermaplaning + jelly mask kit
  • 3 month access
  • Life time support
  • Video Modules
  • Consent and waiver forms
  • Certification