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The Lash Up Pro air blower is a full-sized blower made with the highest quality of materials, which is made more comfortable for your hands. It comes in a delicate and feminine light pink color to coincide with the Lash Up Pro brand, providing professionalism with its use. The blower fits comfortably in the palm of your hands, with smartly designed ridges to allow a solid grasp of the tool. You will now be able to help clear the fumes of the adhesives from your client’s nose and eyes with just a few gentle squeezes of the tool in your hands. The Lash Up Pro air blower will effectively speed up the drying time for the eyelash extension glues by allowing you to pump air to where you need it directly manually. The time to dry during the eyelash procedure will be reduced to half, allowing your clients to finish and get on with their day sooner as well as allowing you to take on your next client sooner. When the eyelash extension application is complete, squeeze the air blower near the lid of the eyes a couple of times on each eye.