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Lip Blush Course

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Lip Blush Course

  1. Intro
  2. Lip Blush Overview
  3. Tool Overview
  4. Balloon
  5. Artificial Skin
  6. Procedure
  7. Outro
Quiz Photo Submission Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Submission

*To receive your certificate you must complete the QUIZ and submit the photos in Photo Submission. Once reviewed your certificate will be available to download here.

Welcome to your online lip blush course! Above you’ll find all the video modules to teach you everything lip blushing! All applicable handouts can be found under the resource tab! Once you feel you’re ready to get certified, click “Quiz” and follow the applicable steps. If at any point you need any help click “contact teacher” under the “Quiz” tab!

Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate Information