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Brow Lamination Course

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At Lash Up we’re constantly evolving! We’ve made a change with our brow lamination solutions, something so amazing that we couldn’t refuse! Previously our solutions required 8-10 minutes of processing times, now we’ve developed a new formula that requires only 3-5 minutes! Wow right! Now, thin lashes require 3 minutes to process during step 1 and 2 and courser lashes require 5 minutes to process during step 1 and 2. Please ensure you follow these processing times as the quicker formula is that of which is included in your kit! All the other information and or demonstrations seen in these video modules remain accurate. 

Welcome to your online brow lamination course! Above you’ll find all the video modules to teach you everything brow lamination! All applicable handouts can be found under the resource tab! Once you feel you’re ready to get certified, click “get certified” and follow the applicable steps. If at any point you need any help click “contact teacher” under the “get certified” tab!