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Tweezers and Precision go Hand-in-Hand

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At Lash up Pro, we are huge proponents for having the right tools to make sure that you have a thriving and profitable eyelash extension application business. One of the most important of these are the tweezers. They are essential to applying the lashes onto your client correctly. Let’s face it, you can’t apply those eyelash extensions with your fingers!

We have eight different sets of tweezers at Lash up Pro. You may be wondering – eight? Is that entirely necessary? Truth is, once you start honing your craft as an expert eyelash extension specialist, you will be glad that you have all eight tweezers in your tool kit. Our various tweezer angles are crafted to ensure that you have the best grip so that you can do your job efficiently and accurately.

When you’re shopping for tweezers, it’s essential to buy high-quality and stainless-steel tweezers to make sure that you are going to have long-lasting tools that won’t rust and the alignment is precise. Here are some other things to consider:
• The tweezer’s coating should be sturdy enough not to fall apart in barbicide. Some tweezers have coatings that chip over time when soaked in disinfectants. You want to pick tweezers that will stand the test of time with use.
• Consider the weight of the tweezers, some eyelash extension specialists prefer lightweight tweezers. However, the tweezers shouldn’t be too thin; otherwise you have to squeeze harder to hold the extension hairs, causing your neck and shoulder pains. Tweezers come in different lengths to fit the size best for your hands.
• Make sure that the tweezer tip is solid and the grip is smooth and tight. The grip should be firm so that it does not strain your hand.

Tweezers are vital to your eyelash extension business; they allow you to work efficiently and accurately with your clients. The specific set available at Lash up Pro is Volume tweezers. They are made to be longer and have a curvature at the tip that tapers to a point. The specific design allows artists to pick up and grip multiple lash extensions in one go. The multiple lashes create a lash fan you can easily manipulate multiple lashes at the same time with your volume eyelash tweezers.