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Top 5 Things to Look for in Lash Vendors When Buying Wholesale

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Let’s talk lash extension supplies – if you’re new to the business, what can you expect? As a new lash business owner, it’s essential to do your research and find a wholesale lash vendor that you can rely on and trust. Here are top 5 things to look for in a wholesale lash vendor so that you can rest assured that your business can thrive:

1.      Look for social media accounts that you can check out

Social media accounts offer you a glimpse of what the product looks like on a model or in real life. The last thing you want is to make a purchase, only to find that it does not look a thing like the image on the product page. Look for peer reviews from the vendor’s social media following. You’re likely to see posts from other users that have purchased from the vendor before.

2.      Find a vendor that has product reviews

What do you do when you’re doing your online shopping for a product that you’ve never purchased before? You do your due diligence to read up on their product reviews! Reviews can help you make the right purchase. Check the reviews of your supplies and see if they sound realistic or if they all sound the same. Sometimes vendor copies and paste reviews to boost their public image – that’s a definite red flag in our books!

3.      Figure out how knowledgeable the vendor is about their product

You can tell how reliable a wholesale lash vendor is by their product knowledge. A wholesale vendor should know their product, and you can tell their level of expertise by reading their product descriptions as well as their replies to their customers’ questions in the review section.

4.      Look for blogs that share relevant information

Looking for blogs on a vendor’s website is one of the best ways for a lash artist to get to know their vendor. A well written and researched blog builds a positive reputation that you can trust. It also helps if their blogs can add value to you as a lash artist because it shows that the vendor is putting in the effort to provide a great customer experience.

5.      Check to see if it’s easy to find out more about the vendor

You should easily be able to find a reputable wholesale lash vendor’s information outside of their store’s front page. They should be very open to communicating with their customer base, hence making it easy for you to find their contact information. If they do not list their email or a phone number, you can very well assume that the company is suspicious.