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The Lucrative Lash Business

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Have you ever wondered how much money you could make as a Lash Technician?

The answer is A LOT!

Let’s say you start off slow doing 1-2 sets of lashes a day – that’s $100-$200 right in your pocket! You can work right from home, so you don’t have to worry about renting an expensive studio, and you receive your products at cost (if you’re a Lash Up Pro Technician). It’s just $5.67 per service for the cost of goods!

The math is easy from there on just how much money you can be as a Lash Up Pro Technician. And if math isn’t your strong suit, just check out our convenient flow chart below! The breakdown shows that by doing only 1-2 full sets of lashes a day for a year, you will generate an additional income of $33,600 to $67,200 a year!

This isn’t even including the 3-4 fills a week that you’ll end up seeing! At $65 a fill, this will earn you another $12,480 a year! Are you ready to start making awesome money, working for yourself and picking your own schedule?

Don’t wait – sign up for one of our Lash Up Pro courses!