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Milk Pigment

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[CAD] $28.00

  • Organic Pigment
  • 20 custom brow pigments
  • 10 custom lip pigments
  • 10 custom corrector pigments
  • 15ml bottle
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  • Organic Milk Pigment, we promise this is going to be the creamiest pigment you’ve every used!
  • 20 custom brow pigments
    • Black
    • Dark Coffee
    • Black Coffee
    • Chocolate Brown
    • Coco Coffee
    • Apricot Coffee
    • Orange Coffee
    • Grey Coffee
    • Coconut Brown
    • Deep Coffee
    • Brown Grey
    • Dark Brown Grey
    • Khaki Brown
    • Honey Coffee
    • Coffee
    • Light Coffee
    • Cookie
    • Milky
    • Charm Coffee
    • King Coffee
  • 16 custom lip pigments
    • Carmine
    • Coral Pink
    • Orange Red
    • Ruby Red
    • Burgundy
    • Pink
    • Rosy Red
    • Chinese Red
    • Peach Puff
    • Fuchsine
    • Honey Coral
    • Nude Pink
    • Smoked Rose
    • Cherry Pink
    • Nude Orange
    • Dry Rose
  • 5 custom corrector pigments
    • Nature Yellow
    • Green Coffee
    • Skin Color
    • Pearl White
    • Universal Color
  • 15ml bottle
    Water, propylene glycol, PVP/VA propionate ester copolymer, aluminum magnesium silicate, ANGELICA POLYMORPHA SINENSIS, phenoxy alcohol
    This product is non-toxic, few individuals may have allergic reactions from this product. We recommend patch test prior to application.  Store in a cool, dry area keep from freezing.
    Shake well before using.
    EXP: 3 years


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Black, Dark Coffee, Black Coffee, Chocolate Brown, Coco Coffee, Apricot Coffee, Green Coffee, Orange Coffee, Gray Coffee, Coconut Brown, Deep Coffee, Brown Gray, Dark Brown Gray, Khaki Brown, Honey Coffee, Coffee, Light Coffee, Cookie, Milky, Cream Coffee, King Coffee, Fuchsine, Peach Puff, Chinese Red, Rosy Red, Pink, Burgundy, Ruby Red, Orange Red, Coral Pink, Carmine, Nature Yellow, Skin Color, Pearl White, Universal Color, Honey Coral, Nude Pink, Smoked Rose, Cherry Pink, Nude Orange, Dry Rose