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Pro Tape

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  • Silicone Tape
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As a lash technician have you encountered the following frustrations of traditional tapes?

  • pesky fibers caught in lashes and tweezers and spoolies
  • bottom lashes popping out and up into your work area
  • isolation difficulties due to tweezers catching on the tape
  • naturals clinging or caught on tape fibers
  • tape absorbing adhesive in difficult areas
  • naturals and/or extensions sticking down to the tape

Say goodbye to all of these problems and say hello to Pro-Tape!

This futuristic tape will make your lashing life easier, taking your work to more advanced, and professional levels. The innovative design features a smooth surface – making combing, isolation and application near effortless. This smooth surface eliminates all fibres and possibility of tools catching. This unique adhesive closely resembles under-eye gel pads. The tape-backing is consistent for as long as it is left in place, much unlike traditional tapes. Tool pressure, time and repositioning do not effect backing adhesion. This feature makes tape removal painless, with almost no pulling of lashes, facial hair or skin. Can be used with or without gel pads.