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Sensitivities to Adhesives

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Allergies to eyelash extension adhesives are rare, but they do happen. As an eyelash extension technician, it’s essential to identify your clients’ sensitivities and allergies before you begin the procedure with them. Your consultation with the client should help you determine and minimize potential risks. But, at the end of the day, the surest way to tell is usually after you’ve already done the work.

The important thing is to be able to recognize the different signs of an allergic reaction and be able to differentiate them from minor irritations. Common symptoms to allergic reactions include swollen eyes and eyelids, as well as redness to cornea. The client may express itchiness and discomfort around the eye area, and these symptoms will show up within the first 48 hours of application.

In an actual allergic reaction, your client’s symptoms do not get better over time, the reaction will become increasingly worse. They are most like allergic to the base ingredient found in all adhesives. It’s an ingredient that helps the adhesive solidify to create a strong bond between the extension and the natural eyelash. The only way for a cure is to advise the client to take an antihistamine and then return to completely remove the adhesive from the client’s lashes.

There is also a potential that the client can develop an allergic reaction to the adhesives at any time, even if they’ve had eyelash extensions done before and had never had a reaction to it previously. The adhesives are a chemical substance after all, and those that are sensitive are more prone to allergic reactions.

Irritations are less severally overall; they will show up within 24 hours of application, often immediately after the procedure. Symptoms of irritation may include redness and itchiness as well but subside quickly afterwards.

If your client voices concerns over their sensitive skin, or if they have obvious allergies, there are a few things you can do to minimize these irritations for your client:

  • Forgo the primer and clean the lash area with a mild saline solution instead.
  • Ensure that you are lashing in a well-ventilated area where the fumes from the adhesives can be minimized.
  • Always use our air blower to blow the fumes away while the eyelash extension is curing.
  • Use our Nano misters to cure the lashes more quickly.
  • Opt to use less adhesives, or use an adhesive that is specially formulated for sensitive skin.