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Quality Adhesives That Get the Job Done Right

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When it comes to eyelash extension adhesives, there are a ton of choices and options on the market. It can become challenging to find the right ones to serve your clients with. Finding quality glue to get the job done right can be a massive obstacle for new lash artists as they’re finding the balance between quality and the right price. One thing for sure, though, is that it’s essential not to cut corners when it comes to the perfect eyelash extension adhesive for your business.

At Lash up Pro, we offer four different kinds of adhesives, let us go through each of them to ensure that you know the type of product you are purchasing when you shop through our quality merchandise.

First, there’s the Ultra Adhesive – it is by far the most popular choice for our eyelash artists and is perfect for both volume and classic lashes. The versatile adhesive offers a stronghold of up to eight weeks. It is low on fumes and has optimal flexibility for natural-looking lashes.

The best humidity for the Ultra Adhesive to perform at its very best is at around 45-65%rH. It’s a fast-drying adhesive that only takes one to two seconds of dry time. The eyelash extensive will virtually be ready instantly after application. The result is a glossy black addition to the eyelash extension, creating a beautiful and thick effect.

As for clients that prefer not to had the additional glossy black colour to their eyelash extension. We also have the Ultra Clear Adhesive. It goes on clear for that clean and defined look in your eyelash extensions.

Our Deluxe Adhesive is perfect for the new eyelash artist who would prefer their glues to take longer to dry. Unlike the Ultra Adhesives, the Deluxe Adhesive take longer to dry, allowing those new to classic and volume lashing to take a bit longer to perfect their skill. The Deluxe Adhesive works best in higher humidity of 55-75%rH and emits low fumes while still maintaining optimal flexibility. The eyelash extension will last up to eight weeks hold as well with this adhesive.

Lastly, we have our Sensitive Adhesives that are formulated for clients who have sensitivities to eyelash adhesives or have allergies to lash extensions previously. It’s perfect for both classic and volume lashing, and ideal for clients who were apprehensive about getting eyelash extensions due to previous sensitivities.

The Sensitive Adhesive differs from the other adhesives where it may only last up to four weeks for eyelash hold. It comes in glossy black colour and will give the optimal flexibility like the other adhesives. Consider recommending this particular adhesive during your consultation with your clients.