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Lash up Pro Must-Have Accessories

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As an eyelash extension specialist, you know how necessary your tools and accessories are to ensuring that you run a thriving lashing business. These tools of the trade will allow you to provide a first-class and professional service to your clients. Here at Lash up Pro, we have a precise list of items that are must-have for our lash extensions artists new or seasoned.

  • Ultra adhesive – this glossy black adhesive dries quickly and easily on your client. It is stable in any eyelash extension service.
  • Primer – acts as a cleanser and a prepping step before the actual eyelash extension application. It cleans the eyelash area to ensure that the adhesives work at optimal retention levels.
  • Remover – a safe agent to be used to remove unwanted lash extensions from your client’s natural lashes.
  • Lashes of your choice of density and curl – 8 options to choose from at Lash up Pro
  • Gel pads – these lint and chemical-free gel pads are used to help keep your client’s lower lashes down during the lashing process.
  • Curved tweezers – they are best used to pick up multiple lashes at the same time and make it easy to create a lash fan or manipulate multiple lash extensions at a time.
  • Straight tweezers – best start out tweezers for new lash artists. They can easily pick up and place one individual lash at a time.
  • Air blower – helps blow away fumes of the adhesives from your client’s eyes and nose. It will also dry the adhesives in no time at all with a few gentle squeezes.
  • Nano mister – used to efficiently harden eyelash adhesive, reducing potential irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Paper tape – hypoallergenic and gentle to be used around the eyes, the paper tape is a latex-free tool to secure any lashes that are not held down by the gel pad.
  • Medical tape – hypoallergenic and safe for around the eyes, the medical tape can be used to tape down the paper tapes while preventing paper tape fibres from getting onto the eyelash extensions.
  • Jade stone – ideal tool to put your adhesives on to prevent adhesives from drying up too quickly while you do your work.
  • Applicator wands – used for your eyelash extension primer, sealant and removers. They are lint-free and have non-absorbent fibres that will retain the liquids without spilling.
  • Mascara wands – used to brush your eyelash extensions as well as your brows.