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Lash Perm vs. Lash Extensions

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The eyelash extension business is a thriving one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But, if you’ve been an eyelash extension specialist for a while now, you may be wondering what other types of services you can add to your repertoire to attract new clientele. Expanding your services would mean that you can reach new demographics of clients, as well as increasing your revenue.

If you have been hearing a ton about lash perms or lash lifts, this is it! Having this option means that your clients can choose between getting a lash perm or lash extensions.


They are designed to offer your natural lashes a lift without the use of false eyelashes. It’s a semi-permanent curl that your lashes would be thankful for. It means that your client can say goodbye to their eyelash curler – no more morning routines of curling their lashes and potentially clipping the lids!

For clients who prefer to have their natural lashes be showcased in all of their glory, lash lifts may be just the right procedure for them. Mascara lovers can continue to wear their mascara.  It’s low maintenance and virtually require no upkeep. Lash lifts are also perfect for clients that are sensitive to adhesives but still want to dramatic effects fluttering and long lashes.

The shape of the curl is totally customizable based on your client’s preferences and shape of their natural lashes. The results are immediate, with an appointment lasting between 30-45 minutes only. It’s perfect for busy bodies that don’t have the time for their frequent lash appointments. The hold lasts anywhere between 4-6 weeks, meaning you can take on more clients in your schedule overall.


Eyelash extensions are perfect for clients who want the ultimate glam factor that you get from eyelash extensions. They add length as well as create volume to your natural lashes, allowing for a fabulous look for a night out or a special day such as a wedding.

One of the biggest reasons a client may prefer eyelash extensions is because they can wake up looking great. Eyelash extensions really make your eyes pop without all the makeup and primping. It enhances the shape of the eye and can be customized to a client’s liking.

Lastly, it’s essential to let your client know that eyelash extensions are premium services that are charged at a higher price. They last about four to six weeks and will require more care overall.