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Jade Stone is a Must-Have Tool

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Eyelash extension accessories are vital to a successful procedure, they can literally turn your application process into a success or utter disaster. That’s why it’s essential to be in the know of the latest trends for eyelash extension accessories. One such product – the jade stone. What is it? And, how does it assist you in accomplishing the smooth eyelash extension procedure for your client? Here’s what we know…

Extension glues can dry out quickly during the application process, especially during those hot summer months. Although you want the adhesives to be a bit on the tacky side, it’s no use to you if it hardens, or gets too tacky so that one false move and it sticks to everything else around you.

The jade stone is used to keep your lash extension adhesive at cool room temperature during the procedure. Its function is to hold the adhesive while you do your work. It is made with a unique material that helps the adhesive dry slowly.

All of our experts here at Lash up Pro will agree, the jade stone is a must-have tool. This is especially the case if you’re new at your craft and require a bit more time to perfect your skill at applying eyelash extensions. The prevention of its rapid drying will allow you to work efficiently without the stress of having to use more glue, which essentially adds to your overall overhead for your client.

The correct way of use is to place the eyelash extension glue onto the stone just before the procedure – all you need is a tiny drop. After use, just clean up and discard the leftover glues, and reuse when needed again.

A premium jade stone from Lash up Pro is beautifully crafted; each piece is as unique in colouring as a real jade stone. It’s lightweight and easy to clean, especially if you clean it immediately after use. If the glue has hardened, simply use acetone to remove the glue. For stubborn hard to remove glue, soak it in acetone overnight to clean it up until your next client comes through.

So, are jade stones must-have accessories to your eyelash extension business? Here at Lash up Pro, the answer is absolutely a resounding YES! This jade stone makes your application look more clean, luxurious, and professional. You’ll be glad that you have it as a part of your eyelash extension arsenal.