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How to Plan Your Lash Lounge

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When you start your own eyelash extension business, one of the most exciting things would be the anticipation of designing your studio. Whether you are ready to take on the next big step of owning a big space or just starting in a small studio of your own, it’s essential to plan out your area so that you can perform your very best. It’s no secret that the environment you deliver your work can make or break your business. Your clients can get a sense of what type of business you own when they take their first step into your workspace.

The type of salon that is most appealing to a client is one with soothing colors, a welcoming floor plan, and a stylish yet comfortable reception area to begin their appointment. A poorly thought-out floor plan can disrupt a lash artist’s creative energy and ability to work well. It can also cause your client to judge the book by its cover and have a tainted view of your eyelash extension business.

A confusing design of the space, a clutter of counters, and a theme that is not soothing can turn a client off and to never book another appointment with you again. Thus, it’s crucial to take into consideration how you can design a user-friendly space that looks inviting and beautiful to relax in. Here are our favorite tips:

  1. Start with a color scheme and define your style from there.

Your overall style starts with a colour scheme you choose for your walls. A classic look is always a safe best with colors themes of creams, golds and beige. If you would like to accentuate accent walls with wallpaper, that would go nicely with wallpapers in those colors as well. For those who prefer a more modern style, consider vibrant colored wallpapers that can complement brighter tones. The color you choose can impact your clients’ moods, so if you are looking for more of an upbeat vibe that encourages a fun room, go for a more vibrant tone. But, if you want to give your clients’ a generally calming place, consider rich, deep, and soft hues.

  1. Your overall floor plan should be well-thought-out

With a specific color scheme in mind, your next task is to draw up your floor plan. Even if you aren’t the most creative or great in designing a floor plan, sketch something out on paper that will help you imagine where you would want to place everything. Plan out your reception and waiting area, as well as the cash register up front, while your equipment and chairs can be gathered in other parts of your studio. If you are planning on retailing eyelash extension products, include those as well. You want to ensure that your clients can see these items that are available for them to purchase. Having an open shelving space will allow your clients to look at the offering of products you carry and read the labels while they’re waiting. Your chances of increasing your retail for eyelash extension products will enhance your profitability and your client’s return in the future.

Consider these other tips as well:

  • Allow for sufficient workspace for your clients. You want to space out your chairs and reception area to give an open concept feel to your salon.
  • If you’re working with a tight space, try for island styling units instead.
  • Accidents can happen, so be prepared with darker upholstery. It’s more practical and longer-lasting.
  • Use lighting for ambiance. You can create the right mood with the proper lighting.
  • Have a small space? Consider using mirrors on your walls to create a larger area.
  • Hide clutter by thinking about what you need on hand and finding a home for everything else. Remember, the reception area is the first place your clients see when they enter!
  • Colour separation can be used to break up a salon without reducing the space – use it wisely and effectively.

The interior of your salon is significant in giving your clients a lasting impression of your business. The colors and the designed space should be based on what your clients would like, and remember that bright colors can be overwhelming for clients looking for a relaxing time. It’s an exciting time to plan out your space, so enjoy it!