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How to Create the Best Client Experience

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When you’ve perfected your skills as a professional and well-sought out eyelash extension artist, the next step is to up your game in providing the best client experience possible. After all, it’s not just about the flawless application of the extensions; there’s so much more to your lash business than only the work! Imagine the last time you visited one of your favorite restaurants, was it just the food that made you return time after time? No, it was the experience and the customer service you received that made you back to give them your loyal business.

Great customer connections require a business to attract continually, delight and engage their clientele. With a host of review websites on the market, consumers are continuously evaluating different shopping experiences and products. It is as much your job to retain loyal clients with excellent customer experience as it would be to keep up with your lash application skills.

Remember, the entirety of the customer’s experience includes every interaction you may have with them, from checking out your website to getting a confirmation for their appointment, to the beginning of the procedure, then finishing up with payment –every moment can determine how great of an experience your client had.

Your profitability can rest entirely on your clients’ experience, as there is a strong correlation between that have high customer experience reviews. They tend to report higher revenue, and their clients are willing to pay more for better services overall. So, what can you do as a lash artist? Here are some of our best ideas to help you improve your business starting today!

  • Loyalty increases with the rewards

Long-term customers are incredibly crucial to your lash extension business. They allow you to be sustainable in your industry. And, they draw in new customers as well. They are valuable as they generate the most revenue for your company and are more likely to make another purchase. One way to ensure loyalty with your customers is through the use of personalized rewards based on your clients’ past services. You can improve your customer experience by implementing a rewards program that will motivate them to stay engaged with future services.

  • Make client interactions easy

Another way to ensure that your clients will retain their loyalty with you is to ensure that you are continually staying on top of your communications with them. Maintain those relationships by getting in touch with them and making it easy for them to reach you as well. You can achieve this by featuring a contact information spot on your website. When your clients contact you, be responsive and answer back as quickly as you can.

You can also use email marketing to give your recipients a place to respond to your promotions and messages. Create a strong presence on your social media accounts such as Instagram. You can have mobile optimization for your business, too, as many of your clients and other social media users are on their phones an average of four hours a day. A chatbot can help you manage and monitor your messages by enabling clients to ask questions that will give them instant answers. Many have said that chatbots can ultimately enhance customer experience.

  • Keep tabs of your clients’ preferences

Another way to maintain those client relationships is to remember your loyal clients’ personal preferences from past visits. If a client mentioned a particular party they were planning to attend, send them a personalized message to let them know about some exclusive promos you’re running. Showing that you remembered your conversations about their lives would make your client appreciate you more, thus returning for more services. When you understand a client’s needs and unique preferences, your client is more likely to return on the basis that you already know what they prefer.

Remember, when you strive to give your clients the best customer experience, you inadvertently connecting with them on an emotional level. You are more of a friend than just a lash service provider. Business referrals are more likely to occur because your clients liked the way you made them feel. Develop a positive culture within your business so that clients would want to return time and again to get the valuable experience you provide for them.