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Full-Time Makeup Without Makeup

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Picture this. You wake up Saturday morning, roll out of bed and head to the mall to grab an outfit for your night out. You walk into the mall and enter your favourite store only to run into your ex-boyfriend sans makeup. Oh, the horror! Now you have to live with the fact that you weren’t your best self the first time after your break up. Terrible.

All of this could have been easily avoided with eyelash extensions and microbladed eyebrows! Let’s revisit this awful scenario, only this time you walk confidently into the store with gorgeous, thick, curled eyelashes and eyebrows that are always on point. Crisis avoided.

Your perfect lashes and brows give the illusion of a full makeup look when really you haven’t done anything!

This situation described above is one of the main reasons we see the majority of our clients. Not so they look perfect running into their exes, but for the convenience and confidence provided by lash extensions and microblading. Most of our clients feel confident skipping makeup altogether after having both treatments done! And just think about the time you’ll save on your eyebrows every morning. We all know perfecting your eyebrows so they look like sisters, not cousins, is a true art form. And never worry about mascara again – curling your lashes, applying mascara, taking it off – it’s all a thing of the past once you get eyelash extensions!

#iwokeuplikethis doesn’t have to be goals, it can be a reality!