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Eyelash Extension Removal Options

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There are several ways to remove eyelash extensions when there are a few stragglers hanging for dear life to the natural lashes that have grown. Although many of your client’s eyelash extensions will naturally fall out on their own as their natural lashes would; inform your clients not to pull out the remaining few. Not only will it rip the natural lashes out, but it may damage the hair follicles along the lash line.

There are a few adhesive removers on the market, here are some so that you are in the know of what’s available:

  • Cream removers – with a creamy consistency like a lotion, this type of remover is easier to apply while gentle on the eyes.
  • Gel removers – much thicker than solvent or liquid removers, gel removers do not contain any oils, so they are safe to be used with any types of eyelash extensions.
  • Oil-based removers – oil-based removers are generally made with mineral oils as the base. It’s similar to cream in its consistency.
  • Solvent remover – a liquid remover that can be applied onto the lashes directly with an applicator swab. This type of remover may be harsh to the eyes, potentially causing irritation to the client’s eyes.
  • Organic oil removers – the most natural and gentle remover of them all, the organic oil removers use olive oil or coconut oils as the base. You can use what you have available in your kitchen, and it is the safest and best way to remove eyelash extensions for sensitive skin.

Removers can be used at home, or they can be removed professionally by the lash specialist. It’s an extra service that can be priced out to your clients. Be sure to let them know that and give them the option return to you to have them removed professionally instead of having them peel them off themselves.