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Online Saline Tattoo Removal

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About the Course

The fascination of full, beautifully shaped brows has exploded making micropigmentation services one of the fastest growing trends in the beauty industry today.

Thousands of men and women currently have powder brows, nano brows or another form of micro-pigmentation services, unfortunately not every outcome is that of what the client or permanent makeup technician was looking to achieve. Thankfully these services that are meant to be “semi permanent,”  lasting 1-2 years with annual touch ups can now be fixed if required, introducing saline removals, a non invasive, customizable service removing pigment from the clients skin!

Online Saline Removal Course- $99

Are you ready to make your own hours?

Work for yourself? Triple your income? Learn the latest in the industry? If so, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in building a fun and rewarding career for yourself! There are SO many benefits to becoming a microblading artist.

Why choose Lash Up Pro Academy?

We’re perfectionists at what we do! Our educators are some of the best in the industry holding multiple certificates in Microblading, powder ombre and Brow Embroidery techniques. As the industry continues to grow so does the knowledge of each of our educators. At Lash Up Pro Academy, we pride ourselves in being leaders in the PMU industry. We are always staying up to date with the latest technique and trends and of course bringing them to our clients and educators! We’re ready to share our knowledge with you!

Online Saline Removal Course- $99

  • Learn our signature saline removal techniques
  • 1 detailed procedure video outlining all the steps involved in a saline removal service
  • Because Lash Up Pro does not retail saline removal supplies, upon enrolling in this course we’ll refer you to local distributors whom are able to provide you with all the supplies you’ll require, don’t worry we got you! 

All courses are taught by industry leading brow technicians who are ready to share their knowledge with you! No matter what program your taking we promise you’ll leave feeling experienced and comfortable in starting your rewarding career as a micro pigmentation technician.

Whats included:

  • An Intensive Online Certification Course
    • Online video module covering all aspects of saline removals!
    • Our online program allows you to work at your own pace! The luxury of this program is you can complete your training and earn your certification as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.
    • Teaching you everything online allows you to have a front row seat to all procedure demonstrations, to pause, rewind and fast forward. You can watch a certain aspect of your training over and over until you understand! Remember our educators are here with you every step of the way. Don’t worry we’ve designed an easy to follow, in depth powder ombre course that teaches you everything you could possibly need to know, we even show you the needed pressure with your tattoo gun, get ready to be blown away!
  • Once you enrol you’re automatically match with a Lash Up Pro Brow Educator
  • Blood Pathogens Certification
  • Client waiver, registration forms as well as additional handouts are included (skin thickness, marketing docs etc.)
  • Lifetime support
  • Official Certificate of Course Completion will be issued once Course Requirements have been Completed

Course prerequisites/ requirements:

  • Valid Blood borne Pathogens Certificate (Once you enrol we will provide you with a link to complete this online training certification)
  • Recommended Up-To-Date Hepatitis Vaccination

Course Itinerary

Topics/Activities Covered in Online Saline Removal Course

We’ve developed the most amazing online course for you! Enjoy the luxury of completing your certification on your terms, on your time! With 3 month unlimited access to our online portals you complete this course at your pace! Some students complete as early as 2 weeks while others choose to take the full 3 months, its your choice!

Our online course consists of videos modules, including the procedure itself, overview of nano shading, consultations and facts and so much more!

After completing this course you’ll leave confident in how to preform a saline removal.

We’re excited for you to take part in our Online Saline Removal Course. You’ll learn the theory, techniques, tips and tricks in order to become an experienced technician! You’ll receive our full kit with everything you’ll need to get started if you’ve purchased this course with the kit option.

Your tuition includes the following amazing incentives:

    • Full brow kit (if purchased)
    • 3 month access
    • Downloadable manual
    • Life time support
    • Video Modules
    • Consent and waiver forms
    • Certification

Online Saline Tattoo Removal

[USD] $79.20

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