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Lash Lifting Course

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Welcome to Lash Up PRO’s online Lash Lifting Course!

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One of the most important steps during any treatment is the consultation. During this time we have an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns our clients may have and…

The Procedure

Here we go! Are you ready to learn everything lash lifting! We recommend watching this video fully before practicing any techniques demonstrated, watch take notes, then, once your comfortable practice…

Troubleshooting & Aftercare

Congratulations you’ve completed video 3 and should be feeling knowledgable and ready to tackle the world of lash lifting! We recommend completing several lifts before applying for certification! Trouble shooting…

Get Certified

For your certification process we require that you submit 3 photographs of 3 respective clients (that is 3 photographs each, for a total of 9 photographs.) These photographs, per client,…

Lash Lift Documents

Here are some Lash Lift documents that will help you as you carry out your course: Lash Lift Manual Trouble Shooting & Aftercare Business 101 Lash Lift Instruction Card Registration…

Lash Tinting Procedure

In this lesson, you’ll learn about lash tinting. Lash tinting is semi-permanent dye process that will darken the colour of lashes. The process is most ideal for clients with naturally…