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Business Cards for Your Lash Business

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It’s time to get creative, ladies! After deciding on a fun name for your new lash business it’s time to market and brand. You may want flashy business cards to get the word out to the lash community: there’s a new lash pro in town!

Eyelash Extension Business Cards

Connect with your clients with just a business card! To help you get started, there are a few concepts to consider when designing eyelash extension business cards. 

Tell a Story

Creating a narrative for clients to empathize with is a quick and easy way to gain clientele. Business card’s should be sleek and chic while delivering your business’s most important information directly to your clients.

Too much information can be chaotic and overwhelming so keep it short and sweet while still using a narrative or creative tagline / motto to connect with your clients. A catchy one-liner can be a fun way to build a brand and be used across all marketing materials. 

Add a Menu or Offer

Each lash entrepreneur and business seeks different ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd. A rising trend that can highlight your services is a mini-menu business card!

A mini-menu is a brief rundown of products and services that you may offer. With a sleek and glamorous design, and services presented upfront, clients can determine if they are interested in your business right when they see your card.

You may want to provide an incentive to booking, directly on the business card. This could be done by including a stamp card feature or even a 15% off!

Logo Inspiration

For many lash babes, their logo will be the centerpiece of their business cards. You can use a free graphic design too like to create a logo, or hire someone to get a unique eye-catching design.

Logos are a natural element to incorporate and match the overall branding of the business. Logos are also a great way to build brand recognition.

Stuck on where to draw inspiration for your branding? Look at other lash business around you for different elements, designs, and concepts to innovate bigger ideas!

Keep in mind that your brand is your creative brand.

It encompasses your personality, aesthetic, and business. Take great care to create crisp business cards. At the end of then day you’re not just making a design for your eyelash extension business cards. You’re building a brand that represents you and your brand.

You know how good you are, so don’t be afraid to show off the lash pro that you are.