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  • applying lashes

    What to watch for when applying lashes?

    Whether you are a new eyelash specialist or an experienced one, it’s always important to be aware of a few factors to ensure that you are optimizing your tools, specifically your adhesives. When the result isn’t what we expected, we may have been wondering – was it your technique? The temperature? Or, the adhesive itself? […]

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  • Allergic reactions?

    One of the most prominent obstacles a lash artist can face is the issue of skin sensitivities and allergic reactions. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how amazing your tools can be – allergies are a real part of the beauty industry that requires attention. There is going to be a small number […]

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  • best practices lash extensions

    Best Practices for Your Posture to Feel Your Best

    As a lash artist, your job is to help others feel empowered by putting their best lash forward. It helps your clients increase their confidence by helping them feel beautiful and pampered. But what many lash artists forget to realize is that to give their very best to their clients, they have to prioritize self-care […]

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  • Lash-Up-Pro-Lighting

    B vs. J Curl Lashes

    There are many terminologies and variations when it comes to eyelash extension lengths, curls, and diameter of the extensions. To determine the best choice, let us look at the main differences between two of our most popular curls so that you will learn how to determine which style will complement your client’s preferences and eye […]

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  • Lash Up PRO - Perming

    Sensitivities to Adhesives

    Allergies to eyelash extension adhesives are rare, but they do happen. As an eyelash extension technician, it’s essential to identify your clients’ sensitivities and allergies before you begin the procedure with them. Your consultation with the client should help you determine and minimize potential risks. But, at the end of the day, the surest way […]

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  • signature lash course

    Eyelash Extension Removal Options

    There are several ways to remove eyelash extensions when there are a few stragglers hanging for dear life to the natural lashes that have grown. Although many of your client’s eyelash extensions will naturally fall out on their own as their natural lashes would; inform your clients not to pull out the remaining few. Not […]

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  • Lash-Up-Pro-Liquids

    Lash up Pro Must-Have Accessories

    As an eyelash extension specialist, you know how necessary your tools and accessories are to ensuring that you run a thriving lashing business. These tools of the trade will allow you to provide a first-class and professional service to your clients. Here at Lash up Pro, we have a precise list of items that are […]

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  • lash perm lash extensios

    Lash Perm vs. Lash Extensions

    The eyelash extension business is a thriving one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But, if you’ve been an eyelash extension specialist for a while now, you may be wondering what other types of services you can add to your repertoire to attract new clientele. Expanding your services would mean that you can reach new […]

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  • prime eyelashes

    When and How to Prime Eyelashes

    There’s no denying that you should always prime your clients’ eyelashes before applying any classic or volume eyelash extensions. There are several good reasons for this: The primer strips natural lashes of oils and residue. It provides a clean slate that has the optimal pH for bonding the lash extensions. It ensures that the eyelash […]

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  • Know what’s in your inventory!

    A part of owning your own eyelash extension business is the ability to stay organized and on top of your business. Make it your business to know your business! And, a big part of that is being consistent and diligent with making sure that you have everything you need in your inventory. Managing all the […]

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