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  • Business Cards for Your Lash Business

    It’s time to get creative, ladies! After deciding on a fun name for your new lash business it’s time to market and brand. You may want flashy business cards to get the word out to the lash community: there’s a new lash pro in town! Eyelash Extension Business Cards Connect with your clients with just […]

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  • Using Instagram to Promote Your Lash Business

    Instagram is one of the BEST social media platforms to promote your business, especially for all of the lash techs out there who work from home. Instagram offers clients and potentials clients an easy to access visual portfolio of your work. It’s also a great tool to answer any questions regarding your business. Before you […]

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  • Adding More to Your Lash Extension Menu

    When you start your own lash extension business you quickly start to see the amazing benefits that come from being your own boss. Things start to pick up, you develop a solid client base, enjoy the work from home hours, but what next? Luckily there are many other services that you can offer clients besides […]

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    Top 5 Things to Look for in Lash Vendors When Buying Wholesale

    Let’s talk lash extension supplies – if you’re new to the business, what can you expect? As a new lash business owner, it’s essential to do your research and find a wholesale lash vendor that you can rely on and trust. Here are top 5 things to look for in a wholesale lash vendor so […]

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  • Benefits of Becoming a Microblading Artist

    First off, congratulations on starting a new career! You saw the opportunity and you are going for it. This is so exciting! Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that requires passion, time, and a steady hand. It is a technique that leaves clients with darker richer brows that are perfectly sculpted, all by you! Sound […]

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  • lash artist work life balance

    How to Achieve Work/Life Balance as a Lash Artist

    When you start your very own lash extension business, it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with a heavy workload. On the one hand, you want to achieve your goals and establish a robust platform for your business to thrive on, but on the other hand, you don’t want to lose touch with living a life. It’s […]

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  • best rated lash studio

    How to Create the Best Client Experience

    When you’ve perfected your skills as a professional and well-sought out eyelash extension artist, the next step is to up your game in providing the best client experience possible. After all, it’s not just about the flawless application of the extensions; there’s so much more to your lash business than only the work! Imagine the […]

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  • How to Deal with Reviews of Your Lash Business

    Let’s face it. Every business has to go through this because, in the world of customer reviews, everyone has an opinion about the product or service that you provide. It’s a blessing because of the free marketing you get from satisfied customers. However, once in a while, you’ll get that one or two negative reviews […]

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  • lash lounge planning

    How to Plan Your Lash Lounge

    When you start your own eyelash extension business, one of the most exciting things would be the anticipation of designing your studio. Whether you are ready to take on the next big step of owning a big space or just starting in a small studio of your own, it’s essential to plan out your area […]

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  • natural eyelashes health

    Healthy Habits to Grow Your Natural Lashes

    Our lashes fall out naturally over time. It’s inevitable, and a very reasonable part of hair growth. If your clients are experiencing a loss of your lashes, it’s essential to educate them to minimize worry. Assure them that there are healthy habits that they can adapt to grow longer and lusher lashes that will keep […]

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