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Best Practices for Your Posture to Feel Your Best

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As a lash artist, your job is to help
others feel empowered by putting their best lash forward. It helps your clients
increase their confidence by helping them feel beautiful and pampered. But what
many lash artists forget to realize is that to give their very best to their
clients, they have to prioritize self-care first and foremost.

It is so easy to neglect yourself when you
spend the better of your day taking care of others. It is why it’s vital to
consider following the below best practices for your posture to feel your very
best as a lash extension professional.

Your posture is one of the most important
things that many lash artists neglect, or think that it’s unimportant to be
aware of while they are working away during their appointments. Did you know
that by being conscious about sitting up straighter will not only help you
appear more confident, slimmer, and taller? Not only will it change your
appearance on the outside, but it will also help your physiology by increasing the
oxygen flow in your body while decreasing hormones that are stressful to our
body, and improve our digestive health.

Many long-term injuries and pain for lash
artists can result from poor posture. It’s essential to take good posture
seriously when it comes to your lash business. It can drastically improve your
overall health and give you the long-term support you need as a lash artist. If
you are worried about taking out too much time of your day, and would instead
zero in on working hard throughout your day, don’t worry, keeping your body
hunch-free and happy is easier than you think.

  • Stand up tall with your shoulders
    back and down with your hands on your hips. Take a breath in slowly through
    your nose until your stomach is filled (not your chest). Then, exhale through
    your mouth. Do this exercise every 30 minutes for 30 seconds throughout your
    lash service.
  • Sit up, engage your core and
    reach out with your arms with your palms up to your side. Breathe in through
    your nose as you raise your arms and stretch. Reach up, then breathe out and
    lower your arms back down. Do this several times at the end of each day.
  • With your heels approximately 6
    inches away from the wall, stand up against a wall. Your mid-back, shoulders,
    head, and lower back should all be touching the wall behind you. Lift your arms
    with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Press your wrist, elbows, and end
    of your hands into the wall and breathe in a while, maintaining all of your
    points of contact on the wall. Move your arms up the wall and over your head,
    then breathe out as you return your arms to their original position. Do ten
    reps of this exercise twice.

It may be awkward at first to do some of
these exercises in the middle of a lash extension routine. It may seem
unprofessional to get up in the middle of your set to do your lashes, but a
couple of minutes spent on these exercises can make a drastic difference in
your overall back health. It will release stiffness and pains that could
distract you from performing at your very best.

Along with these exercises, it is highly
recommendable to take up daily exercise regiments such as yoga, Pilates, and
strength training. It can make a world a world of a difference to your
happiness, wellbeing, and durability. Daily exercises incorporated into your
routine can strengthen your core and the muscles that support your back and
spine. Your body will thank you, and your lash extension career can extend
beyond your expectations. It can truly transform your business drastically
while providing you with the tools you need for a good and lengthy career.