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Benefits of Becoming a Microblading Artist

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First off, congratulations on starting a new career! You saw the opportunity and you are going for it. This is so exciting!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that requires passion, time, and a steady hand. It is a technique that leaves clients with darker richer brows that are perfectly sculpted, all by you! Sound rewarding? Becoming a Microblading artist is a great way to add supplementary income to your life or to start it as a new full-time business. If you have dreams of starting your own business, becoming a microblading technician may be the perfect career for you.

There are so many benefits to choosing this highly specialized career path. Microblading is a relatively new technique and permanent makeup artistry is always changing allowing. As a relatively new career option, it means there is less competition. There are way fewer permanent makeup artists than there are hairstylists or other beauty professionals. As a result, permanent makeup artists can charge more for their services resulting in a higher income, and who doesn’t want that?

Additionally, this profession allows you the flexibility to become your own boss, either from the start or after spending some time in the field. Microblading requires a substantial amount of time spent perfecting a client’s brows. It can be a social career as you get the chance to connect with your clients and deliver the perfect results.

If you love to learn and appreciate a challenge, you may wish to expand your business from microblading to include other forms of permanent makeup artistry. New techniques are always developing such as powder ombre and the newest lamination technique. As a permanent makeup artist, you will always be able to develop new skills professionally.

If you have any questions regarding becoming a microblading artist, get in touch!