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B vs. J Curl Lashes

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There are many terminologies and variations when it comes to eyelash extension lengths, curls, and diameter of the extensions.

To determine the best choice, let us look at the main differences between two of our most popular curls so that you will learn how to determine which style will complement your client’s preferences and eye shape.

B Curl

They are the wow-factor in eyelash extensions because they give natural-looking lashes that extra length and volume while it’s still low-key enough that it doesn’t look completely fake. Most clients prefer the full drama of eyelash extensions, without overdoing it. B Curl eyelashes bare the appearance of a naturally curled lash with a straight base but have a natural lift at the tip of the lash.

The B curl lashes are the second most natural eyelash extension curl available on the market and can give considerable length and volume to your client. Sometimes, eyelash technicians can use the B curl extensions on the inner corners where a client may have less of a natural curl to their original lashes. It looks more natural when there’s less of a heavy curl at that point in the eye.

J Curl

If your client is looking for that perfect and whimsical and voluminous look while keeping their natural length, the J Curl eyelash extension is the choice of style. The J curl is very straight from the base, right up until the tip where there is a very wispy curl at the tip. The lack of the curl in the J curl may make the lash look longer than a curlier lash. It creates the appearance of a woken-up sleeping beauty.

Essentially, the J curl simply elongates your natural lashes without all the glam curls. It is ideal for a more natural look. Clients with mono lids are best suited for J Curl extensions. It fits really great on straight lashes without any curls

It may be challenging to determine the type of lashes that will be best suited for your client, but your best bet is to listen well and trust in your style judgement. Ask questions such as the thickness desired, as well as whether the client wears mascara often. Notice as well the length of your client’s natural lashes, this can help you determine the type eyelash extension to use.