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The Best in Lash Extension Education

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About Lash Up PRO

Lash Up is a Canadian based lash boutique known for its luxury eyelash services, products and industry-leading education.

Our founder, Carlea Stackaruk, started as a lash artist in the early years of her cosmetology career. At that time, eyelash extensions were a new service and very unheard of, not just to the consumer, but also to cosmetologists themselves. As she continued to grow as a lash artist, Carlea recognized the lack of quality products available. After years of trial and error, troubleshooting, and multiple attempts to develop the perfect product line, Carlea launched Lash Up and Lash Up Pro!

How Lash Up Pro is Taking over the Lash Industry

Today Lash Up is proud to be one of the top industry leaders in both lash extension services and education!

At Lash Up, we’re dedicated to providing individuals, academies and future salon professionals with the best and most current lash extension training and products available. Specializing in eyelash extensions, we’ve mastered the art and perfected many unique application techniques only taught by our certified training staff.

Premium Lash Education

Our educators are some of the best in the industry, holding multiple certificates in both signature and volume lashing techniques.

As the lash extension industry continues to grow, so does the knowledge of each one of our educators.

We are proud to continuously bring new courses to our students. The industry is always changing and new techniques are taking the beauty world by storm. Lash Up PRO offers a variety of online certifications for you to add to your lash business service menu.

We’re proud to teach the most current and up to date lash techniques and offer only the most premium lash extension products!